2018-01-16 11:07 #0 by: Niklas

Kaspar Korjus of Estonias e-residency programme writes on Medium about Estonias thoughts on launching a crypto currency. These are their initial reasons for doing it:

”From Estonia’s perspective, estcoins were proposed as a way to raise money and support for the development of our digital nation from more people around the world. We would also want to structure the tokens so that they help build our e-resident community and incentivise our own key objective, which is to increase the number of companies started in Estonia through e-Residency.”

They admit that Estcoin sort of is a solution to an, as of yet, unspecified problem. Read the whole article here:

We’re planning to launch estcoin — and that’s only the start

Among the interesting facts, I found this:

”... the amount of money being raised globally by startups through ICOs is now far in excess of the amount being raised through venture capital.”

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